Consulting on various structural issues (M&A)

Create optimal tax conditions

Set the course. The future in view. Company foundations, company succession, purchase and sale of companies or company shares, investments, restructuring and other large projects need comprehensive tax support and advice in advance. Our structural consulting starts where your future begins. Together with you, we develop solutions that create optimal tax conditions and move your company forward.

We also speak technical jargon: Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), company acquisition as an asset deal or share deal? Integration of a tag-along and drag-along clause? Do we have a deal breaker? We would be happy to explain all the terms relevant to your decision and the related topics.

Take advantage of our bundled expertise and specializations: our consultants always keep an eye on the whole and the important details. We always include issues such as turnover tax, real estate transfer tax or succession taxation. When it comes to arrangements with an international focus, you can rely on our skills and qualifications in international tax law. In addition, with our affiliated PBL Bandl und Partner mbB Rechtsanwälte, we also offer the necessary dual qualifications as lawyers and tax consultants, which enables us to provide uniform and interdisciplinary advice from a single source. We would also be happy to involve other specialists from our network.

Use the advantages of our consulting services:

  • Review and optimization of structural projects
  • Conversion of companies (change of legal form, mergers, divisions)
  • Contract drafting of conversion and contribution processes
  • Conception of tax-optimized corporate structures
  • Integration of foreign companies and holding structures
  • Buying and selling of companies or company shares
  • Management participations (management buy-in, management buy-out)
  • Succession planning and structuring
  • articipation in wills, inheritance and partnership agreements
  • Company valuation/due diligence
  • Advice on business start-ups

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