Company tax returns

Tax returns in detail

Anyone who runs a company in Germany or carries out business activities in Germany with a foreign company is obliged to submit company tax returns. Which tax returns are to be prepared in detail depends on several factors. Have influence regarding following topics:

  • Legal form of the company
  • Freelance or commercial activity
  • Activity subject to turnover tax or activity as a small business owner
  • Types of income
  • Number of people/companies involved
  • Tax group relationships

With the tax returns, the companies report certain key figures to the tax authorities, including their profit, the turnover tax assessment base or the amount of the input tax deduction. You also provide information on the options you have exercised in your tax returns and inform the tax authorities of tax-relevant issues.


Deadlines for tax returns

Tax returns must be submitted by specific deadlines, which are either general or specific. If you have not hired a tax advisor, you must submit your tax returns for your company by July 31st of the following year. If, on the other hand, the tax returns are prepared by a tax advisor, the submission deadline is extended to the last day of February of the year after next. The deadlines should be observed, whether or not you have hired a tax advisor, because the tax authorities will apply penalties if they are not submitted on time. In addition, it must be borne in mind that the late submission of tax returns can be regarded as a tax reduction for a period of time and thus a tax offense.

Different deadlines apply to declarations that have to be drawn up on an event-related basis, e.g. in the case of the distribution of dividends by a corporation by filing a capital gains tax return.

So be careful and keep the tax-relevant documents regularly and in an orderly manner. Also consider that the tax consultancy firms have a lot of work, especially at the end of the year, and that they can no longer process your tax returns on time if the documents are made available in a late fashion.

/>So that it doesn't get that far, we remind our clients in good time about their declaration obligations and request the necessary documents. On the basis of your documents, our knowledge and legal opinion, we prepare all the necessary tax returns for you and send them to the tax authorities in electronic form based on the legal requirements.

Forward-looking and planning advice

As your tax advisor, we don't just collect numbers and insert them into forms. Rather, we help through forward-looking and planning advice to make use of the opportunities and benefits created by the legislature and to use them optimally based on your needs and possibilities. Because behind the bare figures, we see your company and your wishes and feel this as an incentive to take on new challenges at any time and to complete them successfully. We want to achieve the best results without taking any risks for you. We therefore attach great importance to transparent explanations and clarifying evidence that we attach to our tax returns.

Since we are usually authorized by our clients, we clarify all queries that arise directly with the tax authorities and provide the required documents and evidence on request.

Upon receipt of the tax assessment, we will check it with the tax return we have prepared. If the notification corresponds to our calculation, we will forward the original with our audit note to you. If, on the other hand, the tax office deviates from our calculation, we will work with you to analyze the reasons for the deviation, discuss the consequences and agree on whether we want to accept the changes or challenge them by filing legal remedies.

Thanks to our advice you will save time and money! So concentrate on your core competencies and leave the tax issues to us.

Overview of corporate tax returns:

  • Corporate income tax return including decomposition
  • Trade tax return including breakdown
  • Turnover tax return
  • Separate profit determination
  • Separate and uniform statement
  • Capital gains tax registration

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