Cross-border commuters and expatriates

Consulting services for private individuals

Not only companies are connected to foreign countries through open borders and the linking of economic areas, but also private individuals often and increasingly have professional contact points with other countries: Be it in the context of a secondment of employees, as an expat or inpat for a foreign employer, longer stays abroad as part of the framework from construction and assembly assignments, frequent business trips abroad or as a cross-border commuter with daily commute to neighboring countries. The European free movement of people opens up a wide range of opportunities and professional opportunities for workers.

For professional activities related to Germany and other countries, we offer comprehensive advice on all legal and tax issues. We are not only specialists in international tax law, we also speak fluent English, Polish and Dutch, for example, in order to provide you with comprehensive support in your language in all private and professional matters and projects with cross-border issues. At home and abroad: We can support you in every country through our extensive network. Take advantage of our diverse experience for your professional affairs with an international dimension!

From our range of services for cross-border commuters and expatriates:<

  • Consultations in the field of the Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) between Germany and other countries, countries without an agreement or foreign activity decree
  • Legal and tax cinsulting for employees on secondments or other work in other countries, taking into account the professional and personal circumstances in the country of residence
  • Consulting for cross-border commuters or when starting work for a foreign employer working in the country of residence (home office, field service)
  • Consulting and preparation of German income tax returns for expats and cross-border commuters at a fixed price, taking into account all special topics (moving costs, double housekeeping, family trips home, travel expenses, daily allowances, application options, forms of assessment, foreign residence)
  • Examination of the social security effects of the activity, in particular examination of the applicable social security law
  • Support in applying for necessary certificates under social security law (e.g. certificate A1, D/USA 101, exception agreements)
  • Creation and review of secondment agreements or remuneration agreements and the tax effects of certain cost assumptions by the employer for wage optimization


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