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Our clients come from all over Europe

Anyone who travels a lot for work needs a reliable and competent advisor. Benefit from our expert knowledge. We have been advising national and international aviation and ground personnel for years. Our clients come from all over Europe and work for domestic and foreign airlines. We are available for you at any time, we can communicate with you fluently in English, Dutch, Polish, Croatian or Russian if necessary and save you work and trouble. You can of course provide us with your documents digitally.

And because we are very familiar with your specific requirements, you no longer have to explain terms such as typerating, medical, home base or loss of license insurance to us. We are happy to offer you a comprehensive service and do not give anything more to the tax authorities, than what is necessary. Thanks to our checklists and electronic document exchange options, you can do many tasks from the comfort of your home or hotel. This means you are completely flexible in terms of time and still optimally advised. As an employee with frequent external activities, you will particularly appreciate this. We look forward to working with you.

We are also happy to conduct training courses and workshops on tax-relevant topics for flight personnel. For larger groups, we ideally organize appointments directly at the respective home base.

From our range of services for pilots and flight attendants:

  • Preparation of the German income tax return at a fixed price.
  • Digital exchange of documents via email, upload or app; electronic retrieval of tax-relevant data.
  • Examination of the tax situation in the case of foreign residence, moving to Germany, working for a foreign airline or foreign home base using the relevant double taxation agreements.
  • Complete recording of the tax-relevant travel data for the countries concerned (determination of the additional daily allowances), also electronically from the airline's duty roster evaluation/intranet. In addition to the flight times, we also take into account on-block/off-block times, stays at the destination or intermediate stops (layover/stepover).
  • Assertion of training costs and financing costs for pilot training as business expenses.
  • Whether it's work clothing, the cleaning of uniform parts, travel costs to the airport, telephone and Internet charges, tips, costs for travel documents, the pilot's home office as business expenses: laws, guidelines and court decisions are constantly changing. With us you are always up to date!
  • Advice on employment law regarding employment contracts with German airlines.
  • Advice on applicable social security law and other social security issues in cross-border assignments.
  • Accompanying part-time activities of self-employed pilots or trainers for airlines.

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