Turnover tax

Turnover tax made easy? Only with the necessary advice and specialization!

We encounter value added tax or turnover tax every day, as it is shown on almost every invoice. The apparently simple system of VAT identification and input tax deduction ties up more resources in companies and in advice. In the last few years, sales tax has become a very separate area of ​​tax law, which in many areas can only be fully monitored through specialization. The influence and constant adjustments have long since ceased to come only from national legislators. The European VAT system directive and the European Court of Justice (ECJ) make decisive contributions, as VAT is the only tax area in which European harmonization is already well advanced. Anyone who does not have an eye on the current developments and jurisprudence of the ECJ on sales tax will quickly lose track of them.

Our consulting approach

Our turnover tax consulting focuses on the client and their economic activity. We examine and check the existing delivery and service relationships, take care of the proper implementation and optimization of your activities and compliance with the necessary formalities. We always see our sales tax consultancy as an interface to our other specializations. Anyone who operates internationally and builds structures abroad will, in addition to questions of international tax law, always trigger changes in sales tax through cross-border delivery structures. And if you want to digitize your accounting, you also digitize your sales tax issues to a certain extent. We prefer to advise these topics holistically - from A to Z.

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