Accounting and financial statements

Careful processing and preparation of your company data

We stick our noses in your books. Why? Quite simply, because regulated, careful processing and preparation of your company data is the basis of stable corporate management and the basis for future-oriented decisions. So that you can concentrate fully on your day-to-day business, we are happy to take these tasks off your hands. Directly at your site or online - no matter where you need us. We are here for you.

Of course, we can also advise you if you want to create your bookkeeping in-house. The extent of the collaboration can vary. In any case, we make sure that the quality of the bookkeeping meets our requirements and that we only receive data automatically and via interfaces, if possible. You can book with your own software (e.g. Lex-Office, Sevdesk, etc.) and provide us with the data digitally via Datev Connect Online for a plausibility check or for the preparation of the annual financial statements.

Or would you like something more? Then use our client connection. What is that? Very easily! We will set up access to our data center for you. There you can then do your bookkeeping in your office, based on Datev. The advantage of this is that accounting data no longer has to be sent back and forth between the company and the law firm, so you no longer need any accounting software yourself and we can continuously check your accounting, advise you and make corrections quickly and easily. We would be happy to advise you on setting up the appropriate systems and optimizing your processes.

Our services:

  • Support in setting up and managing current account accounting, processing ongoing financial accounting and submitting timely VAT returns
  • Creation of meaningful evaluations, e.g. business evaluations, target/actual comparisons and consultations of these in the context of monthly or quarterly consultations
  • Preparation of annual financial statements (with plausibility assessment if necessary)
  • Publishing in the electronic Federal Gazette
  • Preparation of interim financial statements and special balance sheets
  • Explanatory reports on the annual financial statements
  • Preparation of tax profit determinations (income surplus calculation)
  • Creation of the process documentation required by GoBD

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