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For us, good service is everything. We are always on the lookout for the latest innovations to make your everyday work easier and more efficient. We are brave and open-minded about new paths that have convinced us.

Solution-oriented ideas that promise success and prove themselves inspire us: Digital creates perspective in accounting. We are committed to the daily online processing of your payroll and financial accounting for you. Data protection, availability and long-term cooperation play a central role here. That is why we trust the DATEV company online cloud application, which guarantees a consistently digital process.

The software from the Nuremberg-based company DATEV eG contains numerous applications for optimal cooperation with the tax consulting company PBS Pekala und Partner. Companies and freelancers use the work platform to use modern communication channels to make work processes in the areas of bookkeeping, payment transactions, payroll accounting and digital document filing more efficient. Regardless of the size of the company. The ease of use, the up-to-date handling of your bookkeeping and the facilitation of work processes in the tax area create new freedom to concentrate on your core business.<

Absolute service. Absolute security.

The data and documents provided are archived in an audit-proof manner in the DATEV data center for 10 years. Companies and tax consultants can access the data at any time (24/7) anywhere in the world. And so that nobody can gain unauthorized access, the DATEV mIDentity USB stick or SmartLogin secures access to the program. Thanks to the electronic provision of the data, preparatory and follow-up activities in accounting can be optimized and made more flexible in terms of time. You can also transfer your invoices and receipts to the data center when you are out and about using the DATEV document upload app. Your bank statements are also no longer required. The banks transmit the account details to DATEV on a daily basis so that they can then be booked directly to the tax advisor.

Due to the faster data flow and the development of your own databases, you can add additional modules such as make payment transactions and dunning processes much easier and more efficient. The additional accounting management that is often used to monitor income is no longer necessary.

Extensive evaluation tools such as incoming and outgoing invoices, open item lists and online cash book are available. Datev Company Online also meets the new requirements of the GoBD for financial management. At the push of a button, you will reliably receive all data, figures or facts, updated daily and clearly laid out. This makes managing your company easier, safer and faster.

Clearly digital - benefit from the advantages:

  • Time savings: Fast digital processes ensure smooth data exchange. Incoming and outgoing invoices no longer have to travel between client and law firm. No loss of receipts and the originals always stay with the company.
  • Flexibility: You have access to the stored digital receipts and documents at any time and can individually define the type and scope of the collaboration.
  • Transparency: Client and law firm access the same database in DATEV company online, which is always up-to-date. Evaluations in the accounting can be traced back to the individual booking receipt.
  • Security: You exchange receipts, documents and evaluations via the certified DATEV cloud - protected from unauthorized access.
  • Quality: Thanks to efficient cooperation processes, working time can be invested in consulting topics.
  • Expandable: Optional takeover of dunning, payment proposals and payment transactions. Immediate provision of booking-relevant sales documents (with the additional module DATEV order management online).

Setting new software up is a mystery for you? We support you in a friendly and helpful manner in setting up the software. Together we analyze your specific needs and only select the functions to the extent that you actually need. The software is individually and precisely adapted to your ideas and wishes. You benefit from our dedicated advice and our experience. We explain the various software functions in an easy and understandable way.

We think in a service-oriented and partnership-based manner: You decide for yourself how work is to be divided between our law firm and your company. In our service area, we have set up clear processing agreements for financial accounting and wage accounting.

Would you like to relieve us of some of the work and book it yourself? Great! But should we remain your contact person as experts, support you wherever necessary and also submit the tax applications? We can do that too! However, the ultimate objective is that we not only take over your booking data, but also the related document images. After all, we want to work together digitally. If you would like to use programs like Lexoffice or Sevdesk, we can accept and process this data further using the Datev Connect Online interface.

This division of labor is also an important issue for mail-order companies, as they have to process thousands of transactions each month, depending on the size of the company. Without professional automation tools, the company's bookkeeping is hardly feasible or is extremely expensive. Whether you are a multichannel provider or have specialized exclusively in Amazon, operate Amazon CEE or PAN EU trade: We are fit for the future and already use Taxdoo, Plentymarkets or JTL interfaces and always have our finger on the pulse of the time. Of course, this also applies to the growing importance of payment systems such as Paypal or Amazon Pay

If you want to digitise your payroll and financial accounting, but don't want to scan the receipts yourself, we have something for you. Our scanning service does the scanning work for you. You simply bring us your paper receipts according to a standard we have predefined. While you enjoy a delicious drink, we digitise your receipts. How does it work? Take a look for yourself!

You can't manage to bring your receipts to us? No problem! Thanks to our pick-up service, we can collect your receipts and bring them back to you. Service made just for you!

Gladly, but before you get started, you should study the subject of substitute scanning and procedural documentation in detail. A company that scans vouchers and further processes them electronically is allowed to destroy the originals in paper form. In this case one may refer to substitute scanning. The paper can then be disposed of if both the scanning process and the storage of the digitized documents rule out manipulation. The prerequisite for this is a clean documentation of the work and scan processes in operation, the so-called process documentation.


We would be happy to closely examine your company and work with you to develop process documentation that is tailored to your company. Precision work and expertise are required here. We love that! A service that is individually tailored to your needs is our strength. We find the best individual solution for your company purposefully. Arrange a non-binding appointment now.

We are present in virtual reality - but in the "institutional" too!

DATEV has awarded PBS Pekala und Partner mbB Steuerberatungsgesellschaft the label of a digital law firm.

What does the DATEV distinction of a digital law firm mean?

Our firm received the distinction for the first time in 2019. The award is linked to criteria that are newly defined each year; and it is given to all members of DATEV upon meeting the key values. Having been awarded with the Digitale Kanzlei label, in PBS, we demonstrate our digital competencies in the field of tax consultancy.

How do we receive the DATEV-Kanzlei award as a law firm?

The individual degree of digitisation of our law firm was calculated using the DATEV digitisation cockpit. The following key data determine awarding the label:

  • Total digitisation rate
  • Digitisation rate bank statements
  • Proportion of clients with digital documents
  • Number of pay slips per hour
  • Digitisation rate of personnel movement data

In some evaluation areas (number of clients with digital documents, digitisation rate bank statements and general), PBS significantly exceeds the above criteria and scores in the top 10% of DATEV law firms - all over Germany.

As PBS - a digital law firm, we have set ourselves the mission of processing all orders in the field of financial and payroll accounting via the digital platform DATEV - a supremely electronic and automated online firm.


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