Posting of employees to Germany

Global Mobility and expatriates management

More and more international companies operate across borders and send their employees to Germany. Be it to set up a production or sales structure in or to carry out long-term assembly work or other projects in Germany. Global mobility and expatriate management have become established terms in the world of work - especially in the HR departments of larger companies. A number of complex legal and tax requirements are associated with international assignments to Germany, which can pose great challenges for all involved. We would be happy to do this with you if you would like to send employees to Germany.

We are your contact for international staff assignments related to Germany. We are consulting the posting company as well as the deployed employees comprehensively, with regard to the legal and tax implications in the run-up to establishment of a posting company - and also support all subsequent reporting and tax declaration obligations in Germany.

From our range of employee secondments:

  • Examination and consulting on the tax conditions of posting from or to Germany for the employer and employee (German wage, income tax and social insurance)
  • Preparation of the employee's personal income tax return in Germany, taking into account personal circumstances and choosing the appropriate form of assessment
  • Examination of the creation of permanent establishments for income tax purposes through secondments of employees (representative or construction and assembly operations) and their tax consequences
  • Examination of the applicable social security law and conditions for the social security obligation for employers and the posting company employee
  • Assistance in applying for the necessary certificates under social security law (e.g. certificate A1, D/USA 101, exception agreements)
  • Preparation and review of posting agreements with the inclusion of German labor and social security law
  • Creation and calculation of remuneration agreements including German labor and social security law (e.g. net wage agreement or Hypotax procedure)
  • Examination of the wage tax effects in Germany of certain cost assumptions by the employer (e.g. housing allowance, flights home, school costs, language lessons, tax return)
  • Taking over the German tax returns for employees posted to Germany or foreign expatriates on behalf of the employer

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